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Xography is a PC-demo group from Germany. It was founded in winter 1992, and was active until about 1995. For more info about Xography click here.

Releases from Xography to download

"Elements"- Megademo (1.36 MB) (3rd place at Assembly '93)
The BBS-Intro for our former WHQ Crystal BBS (20k zipped)
The Party'93 Report (1.35 MB) (introduces FakeMode)
FakeMode documentation (124 KB)
Fractal Revolution - 4k Intro (from ASM94) (3 kB)
virtuali.dmf - Nice DarkWave-like song from CeKay (420k zipped)
NOPE joke-demo (about 420 KB) by FearFactory, LegendDesign and Xography
Gi-Joe's latest C64-Emulator release (about 159 kB)
ck-rlize.xm - A tekknoish song from CeKay from Xography's unreleased Music Disk "Total Different" (250k zipped)

Report from the german NEXUS-Party (1995)

For all ART MultiVerb Alpha users: Additional Effect Programs!

Have you ever heard of "Graphic Samples" ?? Read this!

M.I.S.C. Computer Game for free!
M.I.S.C. is a game developed by Martin Löhlein, Daniel Berger (Yaka/Xography) and Thomas Kröll, all three computer science students at Karlsruhe University.
On this page, you will not only find the full game, but also a documentation about the tricks and algorithms used in the game. Should also be interesting for demo programmers, at least those who understand german... ;)

New - an interface to control Lego Mindstorms robots in realtime using VC++ (including source code)

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